S.W.A.T. Vehicles



Sirchie's SWAT550/18F provides a 19,500 GVWR chassis capacity to carry your team to the incident scene with necessary gear to complete their mission.  The ample 18ft. body is outfitted with comfortable seating for the team members plus locker type storage for individual members.  Sandard Tufloc® high security weapons racks are included to secure up to 16 long weapons.

  • XLT F550 Ford Cab Package
  • 13,500 BTU Roof Mounted Air Conditioner
  • 5,500 Watt Generator
  • Locking ammo storage cabinet
Available features;
  • Diesel engine packages
  • Generator upgrades up to 12 Kw
  • Department matched lighting and graphics
  • Custom weapons storage applications

The SWAT9000/FL is a high visibility Freightliner forward control model available to house and transport SWAT/Incident Response Teams.  Interior weapon and tactical gear storage as well as team seating are custom designed around personnel and equipment.  Available in floor plans ranging from 16-24 feet working area.  These units can also be equipped as secondary command posts.

  • Bright office type fluorescent lighting as well as tactical red/white lighting
  • Individual team member lockers for personnel gear and storage
  • General turn-out gear lockers for storage of bunkers and shields
  • Dry erase marker message and map boards
  • Heavy duty, industrial, rubberized, no-slip flooring
  • Durable FRP panel walls and ceiling
  • Operations desk with office chair
  • Weapons specific gun racks
  • Overhead cabinets for storage of smaller items such as flex cuffs
  • Climate controlled interior with roof mount air conditioning and baseboard electric heat
  • Additional bulk storage under bench seats
  • On-board generator fueled directly from vehicle fuel tank

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Alternate Floor Plans and Chassis available. Call for detailed specifications, color brochure and pricing. Phone: 1-800-545-7375