Our Freightliner Series of Mobile Command Vehicles provide the space and payload  capacity to house a full communications center.  These vehicles can be equipped with auxiliary lighting, satellite communications, telescoping video cameras, broadcast TV dish antennas,etc… so they can respond to the most complex incident scenes.  Remote and extended operations can be handled easily and in comfort as these mobile offices provide all  the required resources. 

Contact our experienced design staff to discuss a vehicle tailored to your in-field  operational needs.

  • Both CDL and Non-CDL models available. 
  • Communication suite tailored to each individual department.
  • Complete climate control via roof mounted air conditioners and choice of Electric, Propane or Diesel Fueled Heaters.
  • Heavy Duty Construction for years of reliable service.

SIRCHIE Vehicle Division

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Alternate Floor Plans and Chassis available. Call for detailed specifications, color brochure and pricing. Phone: 1-800-545-7375