The SPAR500 Low Profile Walk-In Evidence Collection Vehicle provides the handling characteristics of a standard van with the benefits of stand-up headroom from the cab to the rear doors.  This vehicle allows you to get in & out of tight spaces while still allowing your team the comfort, extra work space, & head room to execute their crime scene or accident processing mission.

Equipped with:
  • Heavy-Duty Molded Storage Shelves
  • Full Complement of Forensic Evidence Collection Field Kits
  • Non-Porous Laminate Finish Evidence Processing Work Tops
  • Scene and emergency lighting package
  • Exterior accessible prtable generator compartment (generator not included)
  • Heavy duty rubber flooring in processing area
  • Two (2) adjustable height work stools
  • Auxiliary battery and 1000 watt Inverter System
  • Fully automatic battery charging system

View From Side Door
View From Rear Doors

SIRCHIE Vehicle Division

P.O. Box 789
612 Gravelly Hollow Rd
Medford NJ 08055
(800)545-7375- Toll Free
(609)654-7869 - Fax

Alternate Floor Plans and Chassis available. Call for detailed specifications, color brochure and pricing. Phone: 1-800-545-7375

The SPAR500 Includes the Following Forensic Kits:
  • Professional Sketch Kit
  • Rechargeable Evidence Vacuum
  • Hand Held Metal Detector
  • Recovery Magnet & 100 ft. Rope
  • Anti-Putrefaction Mask Kit
  • MegaMaxx Alternate Light System
  • Theft Detection Kit
  • Latent Print Kit
  • Evidence Packaging Kit
  • (5) Primer Residue Collection Kits
  • Cyanowand Cyanoacrylate Fuming Kit
  • Master Shake-N-Cast Impression Kit
  • TexturLift™ Mikrosil Casting Kit
  • Master Blood Test Kit
  • Seminal Fluid Test Kit
  • (3) DNA Evidence Collection Kits
  • Master Narcotics Analysis Kit
  • Standard Photo Documentation Kit
  • Barrier Tape Dispenser
  • Barrier Tape 1,000 ft,
  • Extension Cord Reel 100 ft.