The CCL550/18F Heavy Duty Combination Crime Scene/Mobile Command Vehicle is a true multi-purpose unit that can be configured to meet the bulk of any agency's in-field requirements for crime scene processing or long-term command and communications operations.

The heavy-duty Ford Chassis is the same platform s the MCL550/18F Evidence Collection Vehicle and can accommodate extensive exterior lighting, telescopic masts with long-range video systems, satellite TV dishes, VSAT satellite communication systems, and more.  Contact our design staff to develop a floor plan for your department's unique needs.

CCL550/18F Heavy Duty Crime Scene/Mobile Command Vehicle comes with the following forensic kits & tools:
  • Digital Crime Scene Camera
  • MegaMaxx Alternate Light Source
  • Master Crime Scnee Sketch Kit
  • Investigation Mapping Kit
  • Evidence Collection Identification Kit
  • Evidence Vacuum Sweeper Kit
  • Master Expert Latent Print Kit
  • Bluemaxx Patrol Kit
  • Master Hardcore & Liquid Silicone Casting Kit
  • Durocast Impression Compound
  • Master Blood Test Kit
  • Seminal Fluid Test Kit
  • Trace Metal Detection Kit
  • (5) Primer Residue Kits
  • Cyanowand Cyanoacrylate Fuming Kit
  • Master Narcotics Testing Kit
  • Number Restoration Kit
  • Theft Detection Kit
  • (2) Anti-Putrefaction Mask Kits
  • Post Mortem Fingerprint Kit
  • (3) Crime Scene DNA Kits
  • Krime Kit Evidence Identification
  • Cyanoacrylate Portable Fuming Cabinet
  • (2) DFO Spray
  • Hand Held Metal Detector
  • Recovery Magnet w/ Rope
  • Military Folding Shovel
  • Barrier Tape
  • Tool Box w/ Drill & Hand Tools