BRV550 Series Bomb response vehicle


SIRCHIE’s BRV550 Series bomb response vehicles are supplied on heavy duty truck chassis with higher gross vehicle weight and combined gross vehicle weight (vehicle and trailer) ratings. Available in both gas and diesel engine models and with Ford factory four wheel drive, these units
are ideal for departments with larger (heavier) bomb robots and/or who want to utilize the vehicle in conjunction with a bomb containment trailer.

• Heavy duty steel frame cabinets to support the weight of bomb suits and bomb blankets.
• Electric air circulation system for bomb suite locker to keep suits dry.
• Heavy duty aluminum ramps for bomb robot loading and unloading stored in wall mount brackets at desk location.
• Dockside / shore power input and on-board industrial generator for 120V AC vehicle power.
• Office type 120V AC twin tube fluorescent lights provide bright, even lighting.
• Roof mounted 13,500 BTU (minimum) air conditioning.
• 1,500 watt 120V AC electric space heater
• Portable 500 watt halogen floodlights with extension cords for scene lighting.

• Available in 16’ (BRV550/16F) and 18’ (BRV550/18F) long work area models • Over cab storage areas • Front bumper mounted winch • Electric hydraulic lift gates • Mast mounted video systems • Alternate floor plans to incorporate command/communications operations

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Alternate Floor Plans and Chassis available. Call for detailed specifications, color brochure and pricing. Phone: 1-800-545-7375