Why work with the Sirchie Vehicle Division?
  • The Sirchie Vehicle Division has decades of vehicle manufacturing experience and long-time employees who are experts in their craft.
  • Our team works in a facility that is soley dedicated to the production of special purpose police vehicles and related equipment with a staff that has built 1000s of vehicles for clients around the globe.
  • We are a single source provider of products, vehicles, and training who has been in business since 1927 to ensure quality.
  • A large portion of our customer base consists of repeat customers who have purchased several vehicles.  This attests to the quality of our products and the service we provide.

All vehicles are designed and fabricated to each customer's unique specifications.  In addition, the Sirchie Vehicle Division designs, develops, manufactures and sells a variety of portable surveillance items used for mobile applications.  

The Sirchie Vehicle Division offers technology upgrades for existing surveillance vehicles so that departments can extend the life and use of these low-mileage, high-usage vehicles in a cost-effective and efficient way.

With almost all vehicle models and equipment on GSA schedule, the Sirchie Vehicle Division has the right combination of finance options combined with decades of expertise and world class customer service to deliver your department a custom police vehicle that meets your needs.


Evidence Collection Vehicle

Evidence Collection vehicles 

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Mobile Command Vehicle

Mobile Command vehicles

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Surveillance vehicles & equipment

(For Password Access, Call  1-800-545-7375)

Prisoner Transport Vehicle


Prisoner Transport vehicles

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Rapid Deployment/Raid Vehicle

Rapid Deployment / Raid

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S.W.A.T Vehicle



s.w.a.t. vehicles

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Bomb Investigation Vehicle

Bomb investigation vehicles

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 Cyber Crimes Vehicle

cyber Crimes vehicles

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Alcohol Enforcement Vehicle

Alcohol Enforcement  vehicles

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Hostage negotiations Vehicle

Hostage Negotiations

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Clandestine labOratories Vehicles

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Underwater rescue vehicles

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Arson Investigation vehicles

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Video ProdUCtion

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Campus police

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SIRCHIE Vehicle Division

P.O. Box 789
612 Gravelly Hollow Rd
Medford NJ 08055

(800)545-7375- Toll Free
(609)654-7869 - Fax

Alternate Floor Plans and Chassis available. Call for detailed specifications, color brochure and pricing. Phone: 1-800-545-7375

As a vehicle customer, what sets us apart is that we offer you:
  • Custom floor plan designs at no charge so you get the best fit for your department's needs
  • In-house custom fabricated cabinetry to meet customer's specifications, accommodate department supplied equipment and Sirchie products
  • Almost the full line of Sirchie vehicles and related equipment on GSA schedule
  • Lifetime techinical phone support for your team
  • Ongoing available upgrades and refurbishing programs to maximize the lifetime of your vehicle
  • Grant monitoring and grant writing assistance