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Tac Commander™ Riot Control Suit


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Protect Everyone. One Suit for Multiple Sizes. Adjustable Gear to Fit Virtually Everyone!

Ferguson. Dakota Pipeline. Baltimore. Occupy Wall Street. Berkeley. Portland. A Highly Politicized Nation. Potential for Contentious Mid-Term Elections in 2018

The world today is an unfriendly place, where violence can rise at a moment’s notice virtually anywhere. Police departments across the nation and the world are being called now more than ever to help keep the peace and maintain order. Yet, recent studies & after action reviews from these prior events suggest that most police officers are underequipped for their safety and lack the gear to adequately protect themselves while working to restore order amongst chaos.

Where others flee, you stand strong to serve and protect. It is our mission to help to protect you, our protectors. Introducing our revolutionary new Tac Commander™ Riot and Crowd Control Gear, one suit, fully adjustable to fit virtually everyone.

High-quality riot duty helmets, shields, and more. Sirchie Tactical offers protective solutions to help you while you are keeping our communities safe. Command Every Scene™ with confidence.



  • Upper Back/Chest Torso Expansion for Width
  • Adjustable Velcro Straps for Width of Lower Torso, Arms, & Legs with Secure Fit
  • Two Piece Lower Torso, Forearm, and Shin Pads for Full Protection of Length
  • Adjustable Connectors between Pads on Arms & Legs for Length


  • Overall Design Provides Protection While Allowing Athletic Movements
  • Two Piece Thigh Shell for Additional Lower Body Flexibility
  • Adjustable Connectors between Pads for Maximum Range of Motion
  • D-Loops for All Velcro for Quick, Easy, and Secure Connections


  • Full Torso Coverage with Included Front and Back Blunt Force Trauma Plates
  • Ability to Accommodate All Levels of 9x12 Ballistic Plates in Front & Back
  • Side Deflector Shields on Sides of Neck
  • Straps on Front & Rear with Built-In Reflectors to Quickly Remove Fallen Officers from Danger
  • Shelves & Notches on Thigh Plates to Rest Riot Shield On & Remain Protected


  • Patented Hammock System in Knee and Elbow Pads for Comfort and Shock Absorption
  • Molded Foam with Air Holes for Better Circulation
  • Fully Adjustable from Head to Toe for maximum protection
  • MOLLE on 45 Degree Angle for Ergonomic, Easy Access


  • Use the Incorporated Duty Belt (or Your Existing Duty Belt) for Easy Access to All Your Gear
  • Integrated Straps at Top of Chest for Your Duty Radio
  • Integrated Loops at Waistline to Hold Restraints or Gas Mask Bag
  • Ventilated Carry Bag that Holds Full System

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