Criminal investigation requires many different skill sets and involves experimentation, trial and error, and education.  There are volumes of information available from worldwide sources: the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the British Home Office, and the International Standards Organization to name a few.  Other sources include experts in the various fields of investigation: latent fingerprint, tire and foot impression analysis, etc.  Sirchie has developed brief technical manuals highlighting the more frequently discussed and used techniques for investigating crimes.  These booklets can serve as an introduction or a simple refresher for various methods and areas of forensics.

Sirchie also conducts research on how to improve its products and the techniques used to apply these products.  Technical reports are regularly posted that document the latest literature findings or the latest experimentation that Sirchie has performed.  Technical Reports are organized by subject.  If there is an area of particular interest that is not covered, please email tech services at and we will see if we can provide further information or references to answer your questions. 

Technical Manuals and Reports are posted for free distribution, but if the information herein is used in additional research or publication, Sirchie requests that the user request permission in writing.