Addressing School Violence: FBI Bulletin, May 2011 Incidents, such as the recent ones at Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Northern Illinois University, produce horrifying, enduring images. Members of the mass media publicize and inadvertently glorify these events to capture the attention of viewers and readers. Unfortunately, many of the portrayals have led to faulty assumptions and stereotypes of the school violence perpetrator. Further, researchers have devoted much attention to generating a working profile of these offenders and describing many typical characteristics. <a href=>Addressing School Violence Article</a> GRANT ALERT - Paul Coverdell Grant - Sirchie Lab Equipment & Supplies Eligible Don Penven Eligible applicants are limited to States (including territories) and units of local government. States may be eligible for both "base" (formula) and competitive funds. Units of local government within States may be eligible for competitive funds and may apply directly to NIJ. Any State application for funding MUST be submitted by the Coverdell SAA (see list of SAAs on the OJP Web site.) <a href=>GET FULL ANNOUNCEMENT</a> Feb 27 2014 Grant Alert Don Penven This is a test. Please disregard. Jan 14 2014 NARK News Latest Issue Now Available Don Penven Narcotics Investigators: The latest issue of NARK News has been published. Get your free copy here: <a href=>NARK NEWS 7</a> Topics Include: • Suboxone® - Buprenorphine/Naxolone • Mollies - What are They and How Should I Field Test? • DEA Emergency Schedule and New Synthetic Cannabinoids • Krokodil - The Truth about a Horrible Substance • Analogue Law: Jim Carlson & Last Place on Earth (Head Shop) • Short Thoughts Dec 19 2013 TheCongressional Badge of Bravery Nomination Period Is Now Open! Nominations Are Due by February 15, 2014. Don Penven Every day, federal, state, and local law enforcement officers engage in exceptional acts of bravery while in the line of duty. Often, such acts place the officers involved at personal risk of injury or result in their sustaining a physical injury. To honor these acts of bravery, Congress passed the Law Enforcement Congressional Badge of Bravery Act of 2008 (Public Law 110-298), creating the Federal Law Enforcement Congressional Badge of Bravery and the State and Local Law Enforcement Congressional Badge of Bravery. The act establishes an award to honor exceptional acts of bravery in the line of duty by federal, state, and local law enforcement officers. The medals are awarded annually by the U.S. Attorney General and are presented by the recipients' Congressional representatives. <a href=>Congressional Badge of Bravery Nominations</a> Dec 17 2013 Police, Law Enforcement: A State Trooper shares his Christmas memories Don Penven Join Trooper Bob Welsh (Ret.) as he tells his unforgettable Christmas Story. <a href=>Trooper's Story</a> Dec 16 2013 Grant Alert for Law enforcement from NIJ Don Penven GRANT ALERT! - South Carolina Justice Assistance Grant Application Due Date: 1/10/2014 Overview: The purpose of the JAG Program is to assist state agencies and units of local government in carrying out specific programs which offer a high probability of improving the functioning of the criminal justice system. Special emphasis is placed on projects that advance national and state drug control priorities. Eligible applicant: Grant awards may be made to state agencies and local units of government. A "local unit of government" is defined as any city, county, town, township or other general purpose political subdivision of a state. Law enforcement can be the implementing agency for the grant but application must be made through your city or county. Please note there is a 10% cash match on this grant. Full Announcement: <a href=>Click this Link</a> Application must be made through the Office of Highway Safety and Justice Program's Grants Management Information System (GMIS), which is an online application process. The Grants Management Information System can be accessed through the South Carolina Department of Public Safety website at Sirchie vehicles, vehicle upgrade packages, surveillance equipment, narcotics test kits, and other products have potential to be allowable expenses under this grant. Sirchie vehicles can be a vital part of your evidence-based, innovative crime program. We have the right vehicle to help you meet your crime reduction goals and have all relevant models currently on GSA schedule. Equipment including our exciting new IP NetScope™ Internet Protocol Vehicle Periscope System is also available. Please view the video at the end of this email to learn more. This system can be installed in a new vehicle or as part of an upgrade package to your existing surveillance vehicle. Our Digital Mobile Surveillance Platform is another option that is available in both new complete turn-key surveillance packages or upgrade packages to your existing surveillance vehicle. <a href=>Click here for more information about the digital mobile surveillance platform.</a> Visit for more information about our full line of vehicles. View the video below for more information about our new IP NetScope™ Internet Protocol Vehicle Periscope System. To receive full detailed vehicle specifications, pricing, or more information, contact us Toll Free at 800 545 7375 or email us at Dec 11 2013 New Webinar "Narcotics Investigation: Understanding Synthetic Cannabinoids, Suboxone, & Krokodil" - December 11 - Register Now For Free Don Penven Law enforcement officers see an increasingly complex range of illicit substances with dangerous effects on the user in their communities, universities, colleges, and prisons. Understanding what these substances are and how to presumptively identify them gives officers in the field powerful knowledge to help combat the substances that they encounter on the daily beat. Pre-registration: <a href=>Understanding Synthetic Cannabinoids Seminar</a> Dec 3 2013 Four New Posts on CSI TECH Blog Don Penven NIJ Publications - Cover: Arriving at the Scene, Documenting and Evaluating the Scene, Processing the Scene and Completing and Recording the Scene. Easy to read and follow, outline form. Begin with Part 1: <a href=>NIJ Publication-Crime Scene Guides</a> Dec 2 2013 Forensic Science and Art World Mysteries: The Case Of The Purported Pollock And The Polar Bear Hair Don Penven It sounds like the set-up for a cracking good mystery novel: a love affair, a long-lost painting, and a telltale polar bear hair. It’s also a real-world story of a simmering struggle between old and new guards in the art world, with expert authenticators chafing at the intrusions of forensic science into their rarefied domain. <a href=>Art and Forensic Science</a> Nov 27 2013 Biological Evidence Collection Manual Don Penven Download the NIJ Manual: Biological evidence refers to samples of biological material—such as hair, tissue, bones, teeth, blood, semen, or other bodily fluids—or to evidence items containing biological material (DNA Initiative 2012). This biological evidence, which may or may not have been previously analyzed at a forensic laboratory, should be retained in an appropriate storage facility until needed for court or for forensic testing. <a href=>Biological Manual Download</a> Nov 26 2013 High Risk Stops: Officer Survival Video Tip of the Week Don Penven Watch listen and learn as Lt. Dave Smith (Ret - the infamous JD Buck Savage) discusses high risk traffic stops and some concerns they all carry. ( <a href=>High Risk Stops Video</a> Nov 19 2013 Resources to Help You Educate the Next Generation of Law Enforcement Professionals Don Penven Sirchie is the global leader in criminal investigation solutions with our products used daily in the investigation of crime in thousands of communities around the world. In addition, we are committed to providing solutions to help educate the next generation of law enforcement officers. <a href=>Sirchie featured products for Education</a> Nov 19 2013 Don Penven Oct 15 2013