2015 Ford Transit Chassis Shown

PTV100 Prisoner Transport Van


SIRCHIE®’s innovative line of all unitized fiberglass prisoner transport vehicles were introduced in 1979. Available in Ford Transit or Chevrolet Express models. To date, the unique design of the molded fiberglass interior continues to provide features and benefits unsurpassed in any other prisoner transport system. The PVT100/S features a sealed interior that can be flushed/cleaned with a standard garden hose for ease of maintenance.


  • Maximum Utilization of Interior Space: Walls and ceiling contour to van interior providing more space, unlike slide-in box units.
  • Unmatched Durability: The fiberglass interior flexes and does not dent like metal fabricated units.
  • Thermally Stable: Fiberglass does not retain heat and/or cold to the same extremes as metal.
  • Unparalleled Officer Safety: Fully sealed interior prevents transfer of airborne pathogens to cab area. Inner security doors control prisoner unloading.
  • Standard units supplied with single prisoner compartment and one rear security door.
  • Easy Load Rear Step provides convenient egress of shackled prisoners
  • Emergency Escape Hatch in can allows for secondary egress

 Available Options:

  • Prisoner confinement area available with heating and air conditioning.
  • Extreme climate control AC system is optionally available for locations where required.
  • Center divider option provides two compartments and includes two, high security, inner locking doors. Allows for controlled loading and off-loading.

Optional Divider with Individually Locking Rear Doors

  • Third compartment option can be ordered to further segregate prisoners.

Optional 3rd Compartment


  • Available Video Monitoring and Recording System


Available Video Monitoring System

  • Custom Built Switch Console

Custom Built Switch Console


Download the PTV100 Flyer

ptv100 flyer