RUVIS Systems

The KRIMESITE™ Imager is a no-touch technology utilizing Reflected Ultraviolet Imaging (RUVIS) to detect latent fingerprints without the use of powders or chemicals. SIRCHIE® provides various options to allow the user to search, view, and capture latent prints and other evidence not visible to the unaided eye. With the use of shortwave UV (254nm UVC), the KRIMESITE™ is extremely versatile, allowing usage in various lighting conditions, and is ideal when trying to identify the most evidence with the best available technology.

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Available Training

  • Basic Latent Fingerprint Comparison Class

    Minimum Requirements for the class: Each student must have attended and completed the Introduction to the Science of Fingerprints Course to be accepted in the Basic Latent Print Course. You n...
  • Evidence Collection Accelerated Training

    Our Evidence Collection Accelerated Training Program provides law enforcement professionals and crime scene investigators with hands on training using forensic tools that will help to execute the b...