Evidence Packaging, Labeling & Sealing

Proper collection, handling, labeling, transportation, and storage of evidence are critical elements to maintaining the integrity of crime scene investigations. Sirchie provides a broad offering of bags, boxes, containers, envelopes, and labels that are designed specifically for forensic applications that allow the investigator to collect, label, and maintain evidence according to their relevant standard operating procedures.

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Available Training

  • Footwear Impression - Detection, Recovery, Identification

    Footwear impression evidence is the most overlooked evidence at crime scenes. Criminals will often wear gloves or wipe down objects that they touch at crime scenes but rarely do they remove their s...
  • Basic Latent Fingerprint Comparison Class

    Minimum Requirements for the class: Each student must have attended and completed a Basic Fingerprint Comparison Course to be accepted in the Basic Latent Print Course. You need to attend thi...