Sirchie's Premier Crown Tactical Helmets

Building a Better Riot Helmet

We're dedicated to manufacturing high-quality riot helmets that provide protection through four main components: 1. the outer helmet shell; 2. the inner helmet liner; 3. the retention system; and 4. the face shield.

Helmet Shells — The outer helmet shell is the first defense against blunt trauma and penetration by sharp objects. In addition, our two types of helmet shells are both highly resistant to harsh chemicals.

TacElite EPR™ Engineered Polymer Resin — Engineered plastic resin providing high level impact protection and protection against penetration by sharp objects that exceeds NIJ0104.02 requirements. Outperforms standard polycarbonate helmet shells in Izod impact testing and chemical resistance testing. TacElite EPR™ does not offer ballistic protection.

TacElite TCM™ Tactical Composite Matrix — Proprietary, lightweight, fiberglass composite helmet shell fabrication providing high-level impact protection and protection against penetration by sharp objects that exceeds NIJ0104.02 requirements. TacElite TCM™ does not offer ballistic protection. 

Helmet Liners — The core of the helmet is the EPS foam liner.  The foam liner is responsible for absorbing and reducing the energy of an impact. The foam liner of our helmets is covered with a sweat-wicking, antifungal and antimicrobial padded inner liner to provide maximum comfort and cleanliness.

Retention System — A riot helmet is useless if it does not stayfirmly in place on an officer’s head during a tactical encounter. We fabricate our retention systems to exacting quality control standards using military specification tubular nylon webbing. Our fasteners are either stamped steel D-rings or our new Echo® quick-release buckle. Simply put, when properly sized and secured, our helmet will not come off your head until you want it to.

Face Shields — The face shield is intended to protect the user from facial impacts and dangerous liquids. PREMIER Crown face shields are 3.8 mm thick, UV stable polycarbonate.  Polycarbonate provides high-level impact protection and excellent optical properties. All PREMIER Crown helmets feature a chemical resistant soft rubber liquid seal on the top edge of the face shield to prevent dangerous liquids from running off the helmet shell into an officer’s eyes.

LiquiTac™ Face Shield System — Our models 900 and FXR2000 feature an advanced face shield system to provide increased facial protection and a more slim design. The LiquiTac™ system utilizes a lightweight, high-strength aluminum band to attach the face shield to our ratchet-type face shield brackets.

For More Information on Premier Crown Tactical Duty (Riot) Helmets, download and check pages 2-11 of the new Sirchie Premier Crown catalog

Models include:

  • 906 Riot Duty Helmets - pages 4-5 of new catalog
  • 900LT Riot Duty Helmets - pages 6-7 of new catalog
  • FXR2000LT Riot Duty Helmets - pages 8-9 of new catalog
  • JCR100 Riot Duty Helmets - pages 10-11 of new catalog


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