PREMIER Crown General Duty Helmets are worn as sleek uniform and dress helmets by leading law enforcement and security forces around the world. As uniform helmets, they are easily recognized by the public.

The excellent custom appearance and comfort of each PREMIER Crown General Duty Helmet is assured by meeting three main goals: Extreme attention to detail, selection of the most up-to-date materials and a commitment to quality control.

We assure the high-quality appearance of our general duty helmets by providing finely detailed color lines, attractive rank bands and special emblems.

The shells are made from clear, tough polycarbonate. They come with black, molded vinyl and steel edging. The paint is formulated general duty helmets to our specifications to optimize its longevity and color retention.

On the inside, our general duty helmets feature our sweat-wicking, anti-fungal helmet liner to keep you cool and clean. Our handcrafted, comfort-fit YD harness keeps the helmet securely in place.

Our helmets are available in all standard police colors. Choose from one of ten solid colors or 90 different two-color combinations.

See page 22 of the new Premier Crown Catalog for ordering information.  Download the new Premier Crown catalog here.

Models Include:

  • 600 General Duty Helmet - pages 16-17 of new Premier Crown Catalog
  • 700 General Duty Helmet - pages 18-19 of new Premier Crown Catalog
  • 6006 General Duty Helmet - pages 20-21 of new Premier Crown Catalog

**Premier Crown general duty helmets do not meet the specifications of the U.S. D.O.T. FMVSS218 for motor patrol helmets.  PREMIER Crown general duty helmets are not designed or intended for vehicular use**.


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