PREMIER Crown mid-size body shields are fabricated from a clear, high-strength, UV-stable polycarbonate resin. The 36" high x 20" wide shields are lightweight and shatter-resistant. Visibility is undistorted. Our shields offer ideal protection from clubs and thrown objects such as bottles, bricks and rocks. The shock absorbing foam pad provides maximum protection for the user's forearm and hands. The Velcro® release nylon arm strap on models 3100 and 4100 are fully adjustable yet secure enough to stay fastened during tactical maneuvers. Models 3100 and 5100 feature our high-strength, injection-molded plastic handle. Our Model 4100 utilizes a rubber-coated, steel handle. Both handles are designed with maximum ergonomic comfort in mind. The handle and strap are positioned at a 45° angle on the Model 4100 to reduce user fatigue during extended tactical encounters. The Model 5100 uses a two handle configuration for use in crowd containment situations or to subdue belligerent inmates at correctional facilities.  These shields are on page 12 of the new Premier Crown Catalog.

Premier Crown full length body shields include the 6100 and 7100 hand-held body shields are 48” H x 24” W providing full knee to head coverage. Shields feature superior optical quality and workmanship. The 6100 features an ergonomic handle which allows two-handed use for extreme circumstances. The handle and break away strap are dielectric to prevent electrical pass through and can be reversed for left or right hand use. The wide nylon arm strap is easily adjustable while in use. The 7100 features a unique design that allows two people to grip with both hands on each handle when extra holding power is needed. Dielectric handles prevent electrical pass through.  These shields are on page 13 of the new Premier Crown Catalog.

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