Model MCL900 with Optional Attic, Photo and Observation Desk, & Exterior Storage Cabinets

MCL900 Series of Evidence Collection Trucks

The MCL900 Series of Evidence Collection Trucks are custom constructed, heavy-duty walk-in units outfitted with an extensive array of equipment & field kits that ensure their effectiveness at lengthy investigations and major crime scenes.
These spacious but easy to manuever units are available in 12 ft (MCL900/12); 14 ft (MCL900/14); and 16 ft (MCL900/16) models, alll available on GSA Schedule.
overhead cab storage    evidence reporting desk
           Optional overhead cab storage area                            Evidence tagging and reporting desk


  • Heavy-Duty Commercial Cutaway Chassis with 14,050 lbs. Minimum GVWR Raing
  • Direct Walk-Through Access from Cab to Lab Area
  • Over-Cab Attic Available for Added Storage, Video & Computer Equipment, or Other Specialty Applications
  • Onboard 12V DC/120V AC Refrigerator
  • Compartmentalized Forensic Kit Storage
  • Uniquely Keyed Evidence Storage Lockers
left side cabinetry    sink area    evidence kit storage   right side cabinet
 Left side cabinetry                  Sink area                          Evidence kit area             Right side cabinet

MCL900 Series Vehicles come with the following forensic kits & tools:
  • Digital Crime Scene Camera
  • MegaMaxx Alternate Light Source
  • Master Crime Scnee Sketch Kit
  • Investigation Mapping Kit
  • Evidence Collection Identification Kit
  • Evidence Vacuum Sweeper Kit
  • Master Expert Latent Print Kit
  • Bluemaxx Patrol Kit
  • Master Hardcore & Liquid Silicone Casting Kit
  • Durocast Impression Compound
  • Master Blood Test Kit
  • Seminal Fluid Test Kit
  • Trace Metal Detection Kit
  • (5) Primer Residue Kits
  • Cyanowand Cyanoacrylate Fuming Kit
  • Master Narcotics Testing Kit
  • Number Restoration Kit
  • Theft Detection Kit
  • (2) Anti-Putrefaction Mask Kits
  • Post Mortem Fingerprint Kit
  • (3) Crime Scene DNA Kits
  • Krime Kit Evidence Identification
  • Cyanoacrylate Portable Fuming Cabinet
  • (2) DFO Spray
  • Hand Held Metal Detector
  • Recovery Magnet w/ Rope
  • Military Folding Shovel
  • Barrier Tape
  • Tool Box w/ Drill & Hand Tools