Krimesite™ Direct View Kit with Black Talon

KRIMESITE IMAGER Direct View Kit with Black Talon


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By connecting the patented Black Talon Stabilizer to the KRIMESITE™ IMAGER, a steady platform is created for close-up viewing and photography. The Black Talon is comprised of a lightweight support structure engineered to provide the correct lens-to-subject distance for viewing and photography. The built-in precision laser engraved sliding photo evidence scale is easily positioned into or out of the field-of-view, allowing the photograph to be scaled 1-to-1 at a later time, as required. Dual 4-watt shortwave UV lamps (included) are attached to the fully adjustable support/swing arms, providing the necessary angle of incidence required for maximum contrast. The BTS100 Black Talon Stabilizer has been optimized to easily receive the Krimesite Imager. Attachment is accomplished by removing the pistol grip, properly positioning the Talon, and reattaching the grip to the Imager. No tools are required.