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DART Data Analysis Reporting Tool

DART is a comprehensive software program that compiles data obtained from forensic data acquisition tools, service provider call records, and other sources. DART automatically sorts and harmonizes the data to give the investigator actionable insights. Save time and let DART do the detail work so you can spend your time on critical analysis.

As an investigator, you have questions that need answers.

  • Was the suspect near the location where the victim was found at the right time?
  • What is the structure of a particular criminal organization and who is communicating with whom within it?
  • How is this drug running organization operating in our community?

These are just a few examples from actual cases where investigators used DART to help them answer these questions and solve difficult cases. DART is developed for the criminal investigator. The software is easy to use and contains powerful algorithms that do the bulk of the sorting and organization of the data allowing you to spend more time on the analysis and solving the case.

Key Features that Set DART Apart:

  • DART is built to receive uploaded reports from the most popular cellphone extraction tools on the market. Maximize the effectiveness of your existing tools
  • Manual Case entry is available for devices where data cannot be extracted or to enter additional information not found in the device. Anything that can be
  • photographed can be uploaded into DART.
  • Device Database gives you a comprehensive look at more than 7,100 devices and what can be obtained from each device by the different extraction tools on the market
  • Automates analysis of call records obtained from mobile service providers, including creating tower maps to track mobile device locations and activity.
  • Analytics that correlate data from multiple sources into a single case file for detailed analysisincluding: Shared images, Geotagged Images, Cross Communications, Common Communications, SMS Communications, Communication Grouping, Keyword Searches, and Timeline Analysis
  • Bookmarking to call out key sections of your analysis and pulling these bookmarks together to make a report
  • SIM Card Utility to import individual SIM cards into your case
  • and many, many more features that make it the easiest to use, yet most powerful digital forensics

To request a free two-week trial of DART, please email with the following information: Name of User, Department, Phone Number, Email Address of User.  Trial period will start after the first launch of the software by the user.

DART is sold by annual license this includes all DART software updates made during the 12-month period after initial customer launch

After the initial one-year period, maintenance fees are available for $499 annually.  This annual maintenance fee guarantees software updates throughout the 12-month period of purchase.  With the advancement of digital forensics software packages and never ending development of new digital devices, it is recommended that you continue with a maintenance plan after your initial one-year period is up.