Your Winter Wishlist

By: Jocelyne Terilli

Winter brings on longer periods of darkness, colder temperatures and challenging weather conditions.  These conditions can change the environment that law enforcement operates in. Cold temperatures means less people (and witnesses) outside and around.  There’s often less opportunity for random crime but criminal activities tend to shift towards more premediated crimes, such as robberies and property crimes.

What does this mean for you? Challenging conditions mean it’s essential that you are equipped with the right tools to help you Command Every Scene you encounter in the winter months. We developed a “Winter Wish List” of products that will help you be ready for whatever winter presents to you.


  • The Rugged All Weather Evidence Collection Kit was developed for use in the worst weather conditions. Perfect for winter use, this kit will help you complete an evidence collection mission in all types of elements.
  • Seek Thermal Imaging Cameras. Durable and easy-to-use, our cameras detect temperature differentials from six inches up to 1,800 feet. With these handy, cost effective tools, you’ll see potential danger before it sees you. See the unseen and read our blog post: 5 Useful Applications for Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • Paladin Light HERO Kit. Our portable new Paladin HERO kit will illuminate any scene to light up the night, giving you significant advantages during the long winter nights. Settings include 1,000 Lumens, 5,000 Lumens, and 10,000 Lumens to give you the right setting to light up your surroundings and scenes. You’ll also have Traffic mode, a slow alternating flashing, and a Riot mode, a blinding strobe effect for these applications.
  • Snow Impression Wax. Impression evidence is often the most overlooked evidence at a crime scene. Yet, snow is a fantastic medium for footprints and tire tracks. When footprints or tire tracks are found in snow, they can be difficult to lift. Casting materials usually generate heat during the curing process.  To address this, use our Snow Impression Wax.  When sprayed on an area, it forms a barrier and locks the impression detail so you can make a cast without the detail melting away. You can also find it in our Tactical Master Shake-n-Cast Impression Kit or our Master Shake-n-Cast Impression Kit.
  • All-Weather Writing Products. Don’t let bad weather stop you from taking notes at the scene. Our writing products will survive sweat, mud, oil, grease, rain, and snow as well as daily wear-and-tear. Get notepads for Fire Incidents, EMS vital signs, or an Incident Command notebook to have information fields ready.
  • First Aid Kit: The Rapid Response Bag. Having this kit ensures that you can treat a broad range of injuries at any moment in a convenient, yet thorough manner. It makes this kit ideal for colder months when less people outside means less people to call for help. Check our blog post, Choosing the Right Trauma Kit,” to see our other best-selling first-aid kits.

As your #policepartners and #publicsafetypartners, we want you to have a safe and happy holiday season. Contact us to learn more about our products and trainings that will keep you prepared to face any uncertainty.

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