Jeffrey Farkas Memorial Scholarship

By: Andy Mariella

Sirchie is pleased to announce the continuation of the Dr. Jeffrey Farkas Memorial Scholarship.

This opportunity for a scholarship to fund tuition for recipients to attend a Sirchie sponsored training course in 2015.  This scholarship was made possible through the generosity of CJ Lyons, a pediatric ER physician and New York Times bestselling thriller author.

During CJ’s pediatric internship at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, one of her fellow interns, Dr. Jeffrey Farkas, was brutally murdered during a home invasion.  Dr. Farkas was beaten, strangled, and stabbed multiple times, leaving a crime scene that spanned three stories of his house.  Despite the overwhelming scene needing to be processed, crime scene technicians were able to recover a single usable fingerprint that was instrumental in the apprehension and conviction of Dr. Farkas’ killer.

This opportunity is open to all law enforcement personnel from departments with 50 or fewer officers.  Each applicant must provide the following information:

  • Name of agency
  • Size of agency
  • Any prior Sirchie training attendance in your agency?
  • How would attending this training benefit your department and the population you serve?

To apply, please provide the requested information to us via email to   Place “Jeffrey Farkas Scholarship Application” in the title of the email.  Applications will be received and considered until the scholarships are awarded.

Learn more about Dr. Lyons:

To learn more about Sirchie's training classes that are options for the Farkas scholarship, please click the class names below:

Fingerprint Series

Footwear Series

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